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Most Affordable MBA Colleges in UK 2018

The top league MBA universities in UK may charge heavy tuition fee, but there are a lot of colleges where the costs are not very high. So if you are looking for affordable MBA programmes, here is a list to help you out.

The Financial Times produces a global MBA ranking every year, giving prospective students an invaluable guide to which business schools will provide the greatest return on investment. Rankings are produced according to career progression of alumni, diversity of cohort, the quality of faculty, and much more.

Needless to say the UK fares pretty well in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2017, with 13 of its business schools making an appearance in the top 100.

Here’s a countdown of the UK’s top 5 universities for an MBA, complete with key statistics*:

*Key statistics include: Salary Increase – average % difference in alumni salary from before MBA to now; Employed at 3 months – % of most recent graduating class who had found employment within 3 months of completion; International Students – % of cohort whose nationality differs from the country in which they are studying.

Top MBA Colleges in UK

Going to UK is not much of a problem for Indian students as English is the main language of the country. Since English is the second language of Indians, it’s not much of a problem to adjust to the newer place. The top league MBA universities in UK may charge heavy tuition fee, but there are a lot of colleges where the costs are not very high and the world rankings are also quite decent. So if you are looking for affordable MBA programmes, here is a list to help you out.

1. The Open University

The MBA at the Open University is of part time study which consists of 180 credits. The MBA course is designed as an integrated programme, and balances learning time between 75% of compulsory elements (including the final organization-based project) with 25% from optional modules. Students will learn to analyze, synthesize and evaluate a wide range of situations within the broad framework of organizations, their external context and internal management.

Tuition & fees – £ 2,632 or Rs. 2,52,409

Course Duration – 3 Years

2. University College Birmingham

The UCB MBA is designed to meet the needs of students who seek to acquire managerial and business skills and helps the students to become more effective and successful as strategic business leaders. University College Birmingham (UCB) regularly wins accolades from a wide range of awarding bodies and is renowned as a provider of first class teaching and learning programmes in our curriculum areas.

Tuition & fees – £ 7,500 or Rs. 7,19,250

Course Duration – 6 Months

3. Institute of Education University of London

Institute of Education is a world-leading center for education and related social sciences which is ranked number 1 for Education worldwide in2014 by QS World University Rankings. Institute is shortlisted for University of the Year (Times Higher Education 2014). This program will help students to meet the needs of senior educational leaders and develop the academic skills to support their reflective practice.

Tuition & fees – £ 7,570 or Rs. 7,25,963

Course Duration – 2 Years

4. University of Birmingham

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings rated Birmingham 153 out of 400 universities across the globe, Shanghai Jiao Tong University World Rankings ranked Birmingham 101 out of 500 universities and Birmingham made an impressive 15 place rise to 62nd in this year’s QS World University Rankings. In the 2013 National Student Survey Birmingham achieved an impressive 88% overall student satisfaction rating.

Tuition & fees – £ 18,996 or Rs. 18,21,716

Course Duration – 2.5 years

5. University Campus Suffolk

UCS is a collaboration between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia which sponsor its formation and validate its degrees. The MBA offered at UCS is one the longest running MBA programmes in the UK. Their MBA graduates receive two awards upon graduation: their MBA degree and Level 7 CMI diploma.

Tuition & fees – £ 9,900 or Rs. 9,49,410

Course Duration – 1 year

6. University of Ulster

With over 24,000 students Ulster is one of Northern Ireland’s largest and most influential University. The MSc Management programme offers an advanced qualification combined with practical managerial experience. The program builds on graduates’ existing knowledge and skills by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and lead within a range of industries.

Tuition & fees – £ 9,965 or Rs. 9,55,644

Course Duration – 1 year

7. Leeds Beckett University

This course helps students to develop their managerial style and transform them into a strategic thinker, helping them to prepare for the uncertain global environment which we now face in business. The MBA program offers the following specialisms: Healthcare Management, Marketing, Human Resources, PR, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance and Accounting, and Finance.

Tuition & fees – £ 10,000 or Rs. 9,59,000

Course Duration – 1 year

8. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

The MBA course develops potential to manage and lead organizations effectively through development of abilities, extension of knowledge and understanding of a wide range of management skills, ideas and theories. Course is designed for students from a wide variety of backgrounds who are seeking international career opportunities through the development of their managerial abilities.

Tuition & fees – £ 10,000 or Rs. 9,59,000

Course Duration – 1-1.5year

Student Visa and Work permit in UK

This has been a bone of contention for many Indian MBA applicants who would prefer working in England, at least for a few years to repay the loan and save some cash (both in British Pounds GBP) before returning back.

According to the latest update we have (based on what the admissions director Conrad posted on another site), the duration of UK student visa would be for 16 months if you attend a program that is 12 months. That would give you a comfortable 3+ months to hunt for a job, assuming you haven’t got one by the time of graduation.

Contrary to popular belief, this means you aren’t expected to leave the country immediately after your course ends.

These rules are evolving as we speak, so you’d be better informed directly by the admissions office than by a dated blog post.

All in all, a good MBA in the UK can give you pretty much what any top MBA in USA can give you – a good education, a better appreciation of home-cooked Indian food, international exposure, mind-numbing debt in a foreign currency, and for many who’ve planned well – a career change as well.

Updated: August 9, 2018 — 12:12 pm

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